The photos of newborns feature sleeping babies set against beautiful nature mandala decors.

The mandala is a support of meditation. It is most often represented in two dimensions, but one also finds mandalas realized in three dimensions. They are works of art of great complexity. It is through this post photographer Gabriele Dabasinskaite has taken this trend to a whole new and adorable level, snapping photos of sleeping newborns surrounded by the swirling symbol.

Dabasinskaite increases from two to four hours to manufacture the backdrops. Once he is satisfied with his work, he places the sleeping baby in its center and pulls, resulting in snapshots that reflect “the reality of our lives on the web of nature. Soft and poetic scenes for which the photographer has made these mandalas by hand, from natural elements and plants. Beautiful photographs to discover on his portfolio or his Instagram account.

“After having my three wonderful children, I experienced a kind of love that I had never experienced before,” he explains. “It is this love that I try to illustrate through my photography.” With his children as inspiration, Dabasinskaite captures newborn subjects in a way that seems natural.

Scroll down to discover Gabriele Dabasinskaite’s creations, and we recommend you to consult the various creations on his Facebook account and on his personal website.

mandalas NovaZones En

mandalas NovaZones En

mandalas NovaZones En

mandalas NovaZones En

mandalas NovaZones En

Imagined By : Gabriele Dabasinskaite
Source : MyModernMet

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